It’s Always Cloudy In Chicago

Like Laguna Beach on crack…

The Dynamic Duo Meet Their Match

Why was this weekend so lovely, you might ask?

We spent it with our favorite SOVA! Audrey and I have been looking forward to this weekend for quite a while now. I bailed on a bunch of classes (and tutoring… thanks guys.) to see my favorite Californian, and in my very humble opinion, we had a lovely time. Thursday was spent in a binge drinking (and for SOVA and me, binge eating. Okay, maybe that was more just me.) haze, as well as some deep chatting between us. Probably too deep. Granted, it was needed, but still. No sleep all night, just hanging out, chatting, getting fucked up, and enjoying the wonders of Wii bowling. Audrey passed out early (by early, I mean about 4 am.) and we woke her up two and a half hours later so she could go home.

Friday, slightly less refreshed and lacking sleep, SOVA and I were Audrey-less. (It was her mommy’s b-day. She’s such a cute little daughter!) We spent it in a lovely Italian trattoria for dinner, a little more of Wii (I swear, I’m addicted to it) and, drumroll please…

the BEST concert ever! 

We went and saw a personal favorite, Say Hi (formerly Say Hi To Your Mom) who played with The A-Sides and The Velvet Teen. As I expected, and very much hoped, Say Hi blew me out of the water. They played tons and tons of new stuff, as well as some older things, including practically all of my favorites. It was like heaven, only better, sweatier, and with more booze. Velvet Teen was mediocre… nothing horrible, just too bassed out. A-Sides were throughly enjoyable for me, though. A bit twangy, and totally up my alley. I spent the end of the concert standing up at the edge of Subterranean’s stage, jumping around as if I had rhythm. Which I don’t. So, it was probably hilarious. I got to have a chat with Eric, as Say Hi is essentially just him and a touring band, and just stare (and most likely drool) while soaking up his awesomeness. I was ridiculously starstruck, and it was great.

Saturday night was supposed to be Do Make Say Think, but I think I died. After work, I collapsed from exhaustion, and woke up just long enough to determine that there was no way I would be able to get off my couch long enough to put pants on and head out to Lincoln Park. This I now regret, as SOVA left early to attend to some personal matters, and I didn’t get to see him again. Totally blew, if you ask me, but I certainly understand. Remember that, punk.

But, if I remember correctly, Audrey got to see SOVA on Saturday. I bet she’ll have a better story for that night, since all I saw was the insides of my eyelids.



  A Soul on the Verge of Aim wrote @

I ❤ you two. I’ll catch up with my end tomorrow….

[…] is in essence Say Hi came up on stage and made the pain go away. Lily gave the show a good review here but I have to add my two cents because I also got to see Say Hi the first night they played their […]

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